Key Personnel

William P. Shade III, Chairman of the Board
Robert C. Smith, Vice Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Andrew R. Cave, President

Gretchen K. Murphy, Secretary/Assistant Treasurer 
Kevin M. Voss, Treasurer/Assistant Secretary


Kevin M. Voss, CPA 
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Paula A. Krohn
Assistant Vice President

Ian M. Rhode, CPA
Vice President


Christopher R. Smith, CPA
Vice President


Kathi L. McClugage
Community Senior Vice President


Rodney E. Weigelmann
Senior Vice President & Senior Lending Officer


Stephen P. Clevenger, CFP®, JD
Vice President


Gary Richardson
Community Senior Vice President - NMLS#615979

Johnathon P. Doyle
Mortgage Loan Officer - NMLS#1627978

William A. Aikman
Community Senior Vice President

Tangy N. Hackleman
Consumer Loan Officer


John K. Fischer, CPA 
Senior Vice President & Senior Technology Officer

Vincent R. Maier
Vice President

Martin W. Heick
Assistant Vice President

Nancy A. Brown
Assistant Vice President


Katie D. Klein
Senior Vice President & Senior Retail Officer

Karen S. Brown
Vice President

Sarah Girard
Assistant Vice President

Carol A. Johnson
Retail Banking Officer

Donna K. Peardon
Retail Banking Officer

MaraBeth Barclay
Retail Banking Officer

Emily D. Barnes
Retail Banking Officer


Gretchen K. Murphy
Senior Vice President & Senior Marketing Officer

Susan R. Seitz
Marketing Officer


Ronald E. Drane, CFA
Vice President & Chief Investment Officer

Andrew P. Mihm, CFP®

Vice President & Trust Officer

Elizabeth K. Gipson, CFP

Assistant Vice President & Trust Officer
Shari A. Teal

Assistant Vice President & Trust Officer

Terri L. Fisher
Assistant Vice President & Trust Operations Officer

Bloomington Office

Andrew F. Anderson
Community Bank President

Champaign Office

Patrick W. Pfeifer
Community Senior Vice President

Kankakee Office

Joseph M. Richie
Assistant Vice President

Peoria Office

Anthony E. Beiermann
Community Senior Vice President

Robin E. Lyons
Vice President

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