Business Online Banking

SoyBank Direct

Soy Capital Bank invites you to have a direct connection to your business finances from your office, your home, while on the road or while on vacation!

SoyBank Direct is designed to help our business customers gain the most flexibility and convenience from our commercial services.

  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Check your daily balance
  • Inquire about a specific check and the date that it cleared your account
  • Supports ACH files for direct deposits for employees, tax payments and business-to-business payments

To inquire about setting up your business for SoyBank Direct access, please call the Soy Capital Bank Customer Contact Center at 217.428.7781 and have one of our helpful associates answer any questions that you may have.

Download the SoyBank Direct enrollment form.
Download the E-Banking Fees.
Download how to enable Tranaport Layer Security (TLS).

Online Banking with Quicken® or Quickbooks®

  • 24/7 access to all your accounts and financial information
  • Download your balances and transactions
  • Use the electronic register to manage your account
  • Budget, chart and plan your finances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Track spending, taxes, investments, net worth

SoyBank Merchant Deposit

Tired of trying to beat the traffic and the clock to get your deposit to the bank before it closes? With our merchant deposit service, you don't have to leave your desk. With innovative technology, simply use a special scanner to capture check images and safely transmit to Soy Capital Bank for processing. You can deposit any time, any business day. All you need is a computer and a secure internet connection. As a result you will receive faster access to funds and better cash flow. No driving. No delays.

Save Time and Money Using SoyBank Merchant Deposit eliminates the time and expense of traveling to the bank plus the time spent balancing the deposit and associated keying.

Enhanced Cash Flow Accelerated availability of deposited items results in improved cash flow and working capital for your business.

Reduce Insufficient Funded Item Risk Insufficiently funded items show up faster when processed through merchant deposit.

SoyBank Business Bill Pay

  • No checks, no stamps
  • Pay any bill
  • 100% guarantee on all online payments
  • Pay your bills whenever you want, wherever you want
  • Download your data to Quicken® or Microsoft Money®
  • Switch to eBills and reduce your mail
  • Track and view your payment history